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Japan Portland Textile Month Exchange Pop-Up

October 27-November 3

A pop-up shop featuring Japanese textiles produced by the Textile Month sister cities of Kiryu and Tango.

Join us for this special retail event at Kat + Maouche featuring Japanese textiles produced by the Textile Month sister cities of Kiryu and Tango—both known for textile history, craftsmanship, and ingenuity. The brands participating will include:

Kuska: https://www.kuska.jp/
Priret (mountain equipment store) : https://www.instram.com/priret
Quguri (accessories): https://www.instram.com/sachikoteramura
Yoko Hatakeyama (textile design): https://www.instram.com/senbataya
KIRISEN (textile dyeing) https://www.instram.com/kiryu_kirisen

This event was born from Textile Hive’s visit to Japan this past spring, which was based on their interest in introducing the concept of Textile Month in Japan—to highlight rich textile traditions in Kiryu and Tango—and in the spirit of Textile Exchange.

About Tango Textiles: History of silk textile originated from TANGO, Kyoto. “Tango Chirimen” has supported the Japanese clothing culture as a representative fabric of kimono since it’s founded in 1720. A material of fine quality feeling that carries tradition and formality. From which, a unique charm and technique are cultivated. To the world and to the future.


About Kiryu Textiles: Kiryu’s fiber industry is a traditional local industry. As a textile producing district, western style production line manufacturing techniques were first established at the close of the Edo Period (mid 19th century). At present, textile production for both domestic and foreign markets continues to prosper.

In addition to textile weaving, other traditional industrial arts in Kiryu include Kiryu washi(traditionally made fiber paper) which was designated a Tradtional Industrial Art by Gunma Prefecture.

Present-day machine industry manufacturing in Kiryu consists primarily of the production of automobile parts, electronic equipment, pachinko machines and other allied industries.


This event is organized by:

Kat + Maouche & Textile Hive


October 27, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
November 3, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
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Kat + Maouche
33 NW 4th Ave, .
Portland, OR 97209

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