Our Mission

Portland Textile Month aims to galvanize the local textile community for a 
month-long festival of events centered around knowledge-sharing and
 cross-pollination between enthusiasts, artists, businesses, and institutions.
 We provide an open platform to engage and share ideas, histories, knowledge, experiences, and practices across myriad cultures, viewpoints, and

Who We Are

Portland Textile Month is part of a mission-driven social enterprise conceived 
of, incubated, and funded within Textile Hive to foster exchange among the 
local textile community and beyond. Portland Textile Month was brought to 
life through the contributions of a core group of committed volunteers.


Shannon Welsh Event planning, Community outreach
Saingbey Woodtor Event planning, Design
Rio Wrenn Community outreach, Copy editing
Palmarin Merges Event planning, Community outreach
Mel Christy Photography
Lynn Deal Community outreach
Kristy Kun Community outreach
Katherine Entis Design, Community outreach
Jessica Goodall Writing, Copy editing
Heidi Leugers Community outreach
Haley Dunham Copy editing, Community outreach
Elissa Breitbard Event planning, Community outreach
Deb Spofford Community outreach
Chris Dibble Community outreach
Cara Murray Social marketing
Annin Barrett Community outreach, Press outreach
Anna Post Social marketing, design
Alice Rotsztain Event submissions, Community outreach


Patty Gohier Planning, Coordination, Event Submissions, Community outreach
Nilu Amali Writing, Marketing, Design, Community outreach
LeBrie Rich Community building, Planning, Partnerships, Event submissions
Katen Bush Community building, Planning, Communications, Event submissions
Caleb Sayan Vision, Planning, Partnerships, Design, Documentation, Fundraising

Paid Contributors

Jena Nesbitt Marketing, Corporate partnerships
Cara Murray Branding, Design
Anna Post Marketing design
Andrew Harricharan Technical development

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