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Bonnie Meltzer


Integrating, repairing, and transforming found objects into social commentary has been a major part of Meltzer’s fiberart sculptures throughout her career. Her crocheted wire sculptures used objects as diverse as computer parts, globes, garments, and un-named doohickies. Many of the 1970s crochet books included images of her sculpture. More recently, they are on the covers of Fine Art of Crochet (2013) and Artistry in Fiber: Vol II Sculpture (2017). Her very mixed media artworks have been in exhibitions (Maryhill Museum, Hallie Ford Museum, Columbia Center for the Arts); collections (University of Washington, National Science Foundation, City of Portland); and TV (OPB produced a video about Meltzer for their 2013 “Voices of Coal” series and was in an early episode of Oregon Art Beat). In fall 2021 a large textile installation will be exhibited at the Oregon Jewish Museum.

Another hallmark of Meltzer’s work is her ability to connect community with interactive components. To build community and provide an intense creative experience, she conducts collaborative crochet workshops where students must work closely together to grow a sculpture. During the exhibition of Tikkun Olam – Mending the Social Fabric, participants will mend tears in a metaphorically unraveling social fabric (a giant parachute). Before the pandemic, members of the community participated in Sewing Bees to help make the installation. Sewing Bees will resume when safe.

Born in New Jersey, Meltzer moved to Seattle to get an MFA in textiles at the University of Washington. There, she found her medium, her social commentary voice, and installation as a format.

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