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Ilisha Helfman


Ilisha Helfman is the daughter of Tapestry Weaver, Muriel Nezhnie, and Watercolorist, Sheldon Helfman. Inspired by their creativity, Ilisha started making decorative patterns at age 6 and had her first of 5 NYC Textile Design agents by age 12. An avid experimenter, Ilisha has continued to explore the relationships of color, pattern, shape and design in different ways throughout her life. She completed a combined study of Math Symmetry and Art at Smith College and holds an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale. Ilisha has been knitting creatively for 50 years(!). She has written two books on innovative technique: Jazzknitting/ An Introduction, and Butterfly Knitting/ A Study of Simultaneous Symmetry, which is packed with tips and tricks. Both books explore intentional pooling of hand painted yarns as a way of creating beautifully colored shapes and forms. Her third book, Knitting Tiffany, will hopefully be released in downloadable form this fall. Ilisha lives in Portland, Oregon where she works as a Textile Artist, a Miniaturist and Graphic Designer. Her work can be seen on Instagram (@ilishahelfman) and on Ravelry as “Jazzknitter”.

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